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ecosine active sync
modular, compact, effective and reliable

Almost all electrical and electronic loads, whether in industrial plants, buildings or data centers, work non-linearly today. This has strong repercussions on the grid and dramatically degrades its power quality. The new ecosine active sync as a powerful and highly dynamic active harmonic filter can reliably reduce such perturbations and thus ensure clean operation.

The modular design of ecosine active sync always allows a suitable filter size to be supplied and, in addition, the 60 A modules can be easily fixed to the wall or integrated into system control cabinets. Simply slide in and wire up – a filter from up to 300 A per cabinet is ready.


ecosine active sync in detail

  • Most effective harmonic mitigation up to 50th order (odd and even). Below 5% THID achievable even for mixed and dynamic load profile.
  • Most compact and modular design. Flexible and easy installation.
  • Robust, reliable and suits the broadest temperature (power module up to 50°C) range with full performance.
  • High efficiency (< 2.3% losses) and very low acoustic noise.
  • Only air cooling for all product variants with IP 20 power module, IP 21 (roof kit) and IP 54 cabinet version.
  • Reactive Power Compensation
  • Load balancing
  • Modular ready to use, retrofit integration in slide-technology cabinet
  • Ultra-flexible mounting and installation options


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shaping electrical power

  • Building technology – data and banking centers, lighting
  • Datacenters and infrastructure
  • HVAC – fans
  • Water and waste water – pumps
  • Automation – industry and factory automation, semi-conductors fabs, welding, AC and DC drives
  • Oil & Gas – gas compressors, pumps
  • Others



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