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In the fields of medical equipment, electro magnetic interference (EMI) between several medical devices may be life threatening. Schaffner, the market leader in EMC filters and power quality devices, has consistently extended its proven IEC Inlet family with single- and dual stage IEC inlet filter adapted to the market needs and, especially when it comes to human lifes, is keen on constantly improving the state of the art of interference suppression of devices for medical application. 


Why Schaffner focuses on EMC Products for Medical Solutions

  • Electrification and number of electronic medical devices in hospitals is rising 
  • High power installations like in robot-aided surgery or X-ray systems are used close to imaging diagnostics
  • Electro magnetic compatibility is therefore more and more important

There are several product families dedicated to the use in medical market. The main benefits are high performance of core material under restrictions of leakage currents.

Download here all information about the challenging requirements for medical equipment and Schaffner's EMC solutions:

Medical Solutions Free Download

Filter Series FN9274 - "Two Means of Patient Protection / 2x-MOPP"

Meet FN9274, the newest member of the medical filter family. It supports the highest demands for Class II applications: 2x MOPP.


  • The filter incorporates a very high attenuation performance into a fully insulated plastic housing.

  • An earth connection is not necessary and therefore the design is based on a C17/C18 combination of cable and inlet.

  • The new FN9274 inlet filter series are available in 3 mounting configurations, front panel mount, rear panel mount and snap-in fit. There are also 2 termination styles available for each configuration, fast-on and wire leads.


Filter Series FN92xx (B type) for solutions requiring low power

Filters like FN9262, FN9255 or FN9280/90 enable customers to find a high performance variation for any customer need. FN9255-XX-06

  • The B versions of FN92xx series with minimal leakage currents of 100 uA max. meet the requirements of the medical standards IEC/EN 60601 for equipment with patient contact or other medical environments. 
  • The single-stage filter series with additional earth line choke for the suppression of EMI noise on ground loops can optionally be delivered as standard version (E type) or reduced leakage current version (B type).
  • The FN92xx series are designed for currents of 1 to 20 A up to 250 VAC, 50/60Hz. Detailed information on MOP (Means of protection) is available in the datasheets (free download below) or in adjacent approval documentation of the filters. 


Not only our filtered IEC inlets can be used for emc compliance in medical environment, also chassis mount filters for higher power rating or high attenuation performance demands can be used as medical device filters.


Download Data Sheets

Click on the product number below to download the data sheets:

All standard filters of Schaffner offer a reduced leakage current version which is denoted by different letters (for new filters different coding) in addition to the already known FN part designation.

Those versions are available on request in addition to our usual filters, main benefit is the certification which is already in place for all versions (click here to download our Declaration of Conformity)
Customers can therefore easily integrate and use our filters in their systems, without loosing time for additional approvals of the filters.


IEC Inlets

Due to high demand of IEC inlets and Schaffner's expertise in manufacturing and design of such inlets, we are able to provide a high variety of possible inlets without a filter.

All are available for front, rear and snap mounting, including the following standards according to IEC 60320/UL 60320-1:

  • C14, C16 and C18 suitable for general purpose applications up to 10A acc. to IEC 60320 and up to 15A acc. to UL 60320-1
  • C20 suitable for general purpose applications up to 16A acc. to IEC 60320 and up to 20A acc. to UL 60320-1

C14 version including various other features like fuse holder, switch, voltage selector or combination of all are also available. 




For integrated EMI performance solutions Schaffner offers a wide variety of chokes. Building up an own EMI filter based on chokes gives the customer freedom to design the EMI filter in accordance to the performance-to-leakage-current specifications from the scratch.

  • Chokes for PCB mounting are available from 0.25A up to 50A.

Samples are available on request or can be ordered through our worldwide distribution network.

Applications requiring high power (3 Phase)

There are several additional applications with higher power rating, like magnet resonance imaging or X-ray systems. These kind of systems do have very high demand not only on power but also on EMI/EMC filtering. 

For example an X-Ray equipment has different load and emission characteristics than other equipment.

There are two very different load types within the X-ray machine:

  •  intermittent high power X-ray load which draws current for only 500ms every minute 
  • continuous low power motor drive load with very high common mode (CM) emission disturbance  

The CM noise from motor drive requires a high CM insertion loss in the filter and poses the risk of CM saturation to current compensated filter chokes. There is only moderate differential mode (DM) insertion loss required from the filter, however the high current X-ray load poses a risk of DM saturation to current compensated filter chokes. Because of the intermittent X-ray load, the load peak current is more than 15x the RMS current. This puts a high DM saturation stress on the chokes. Because of medical application, the total filter Y capacitance is restricted, which puts more CM saturation stress on the chokes.

FN 3287/FN 3288: Smallest book-style EMC/RFI Filter for Inverter and Power Drive Systems

Schaffner offers several different three phase filters, which can be used in medical applications like mentioned above. With the interchangeable capacitor configuration they can be adjusted to any kind of leakage current circumstances needed.  Newest product family, which is very commonly used in such applications, is the FN3287/8 (Link: Datasheet FN3287/8) with reduced Y-caps. If the standard filter solution does not fulfill all different design specifications Schaffner can also support with hand-in-hand development support. Our expertise ranges from less than 1A to filters covering more than 3000A nominal current.