LCL-Filter Questionnaire

LCL filter for regen drives

Designed for Active Front End drives

With the increasing need for energy efficiency more often Active Front End (AFE) drives are applied for energy regeneration with motor drives. This can also be applied for regaining the energy during the AC motor braking sequence.

The new LCL filter series from Schaffner can be configured in different ways. Typically, the filter is ready to be connected in a compact housing which includes all the necessary components in one package.

Typical examples of regenerative motor drives applications:

  • Elevator, hoists and cranes, transportation systems
  • Machine tools, machines with frequent breaking cycles
  • Centrifuges, flywheels (when switched off)
  • Winder/Unwinder, rolling mills run-out tables
  • Press feeders

Below you can see the position in the power grid and the typical components of a LCL filter:




Some times the standard LCL filter is does not fit the special requirements. If that is the case, we can help. Let us know your situation and we contact you with a solution tailored to your needs.

The LCL-filter range is flexible and the component values can be adapted without great effort. We can define your custom specific version.

On the right side of this page, please let us know the specifics of your:

  • Grid-Network
  • The model/maker of regenerative AIC that you use
  • and how we can contact you.

One of our application specialists will review your inputs and contact you to discuss further details.


Alternatively you can download our MS Excel-sheet and fill in the extensive form offline: Questionnaire