LCL Filter for AIC and AFE Drives

Cover_LCL_Filter_for_AIC_and_AFE Drives


How and when to use a LCL filter?

In today's modern regenerative drives pose new challenges for filtering. If the following topics are of interest to you, please, get yourself a free copy:

  • AFE – Active front end of variable frequency drives VFD
  • AIC – Active infeed converter for wind generator
  • AIC – Photovoltaic inverter
  • AIC – Batterie energy storage system BESS
  • AFE and AIC Basics
  • Methods of solutions and filter topologies
  • L filter
  • LC filter
  • LCL filter
  • Resonances, damping and attenuation
  • Schaffner LCL filter solutions
  • Installation instructions
  • Grounding / Earthing
  • Shielding
  • Cable layout

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